Starting Blocks: Brand Awareness

A key part of building a business is creating a strong brand.

Don’t spend money on graphic design, business names, stationary and other branding activities until you know that you can secure the name and/or logo you want to use. We recommend that you brainstorm and test at least three brands and contact us for help with securing your brand for the future, so you can spend your marketing budget with confidence.

If you have already branded your products or services and need help to protect your brand, we can help with that too.

Our Get Branded service includes the following, and is delivered as a fixed price service.

Item Inclusions
TM Search Report
  • Search IP Australia for the words, artwork, or combination that you want to use.
  • Report on:
    • Prior use of mark(s)
    • Current use of mark(s)
    • Status of existing mark(s)
    • Competing marks, and marks that may result in objections or rejection of an application and the reasons why.
    • The classes of goods or services that your proposed mark(s) should be registered in.
  • Form strategy for registration for marks that are likely to be successfully registered, or review competitive landscape and form a strategy for assessing another mark or marks.

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Brand Awareness

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