New ventures, collaboration, and structuring

Many business people approach us expecting that there is some mysterious process for making a company work, a magic formula for successful collaboration arrangements, and complex tricky structures that can be set up to make businesses successful. The fact is that all business ventures, whether companies, trusts, joint ventures, partnerships or other structures all require the same thing – a way to manage all of the competing interests of all the participants. And it is also important to understand that whatever structure is put in place, you have to live with it day to day, and pay for it to be managed.

Whether you want to formalise a simple business relationship or reorganise a large corporate group and list it on a stock exchange, we can help you determine who the participants are, what interests need to be accounted for, how to manage these interests, and how to achieve the end goal in a cost effective way.

Simon Fifield
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Simon Fifield
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