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Should startups avoid tranched investments

Tranched investments are where a total capital investment is agreed, but the funding is released in blocks as conditions are met. Googling “tranched investments” will bring up a long list of entrepreneurs’ experiences as to why tranched investments (otherwise known as staged or milestone based investments) are a bad thing for entrepreneurs and startups.  You will also find a lot [read more…]

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Links to regulators, stock exchanges and other information

Asset development

The assets of your business are the keys to earning revenue. Starting Block Lawyers can help you to search, secure, and defend the value in your business assets, and to leverage them to your advantage. Examples of what do to increase the value of your assets includes: trade mark your brands; register the designs of [read more…]

Liability management

In Australia there are a many of heads of liability relating to running a business. Starting Block Lawyers can help you to understand which of these are important for your business and help you to manage and reduce these risks. A liability that many business owners don’t consider until it is too late is the [read more…]

Cash flow

In small business cash flow is king. And, for any business cash is the lifeblood of your operations. We can help you to manage your cash flow by: Setting up agreements with your suppliers and customers; Gaining cash reserves through debt or investment funding; Restructuring segments of your business to reduce cash intensive transactions; and [read more…]

New ventures, collaboration, and structuring

Many business people approach us expecting that there is some mysterious process for making a company work, a magic formula for successful collaboration arrangements, and complex tricky structures that can be set up to make businesses successful. The fact is that all business ventures, whether companies, trusts, joint ventures, partnerships or other structures all require [read more…]

Top line growth

Imagine lawyers talking about top line growth of your business – its a fundamental aspect of growing your business, so its top of mind for us. We can help you to achieve top line growth by: incentivising your executives to achieve more; incentivising your marketing and sales teams to sell more without adversely affecting your [read more…]

Bottom line growth

Lawyers are not universally renowned for reducing business costs, however that’s exactly what we aim to do. We can help you to achieve bottom line growth by: Setting up outsourcing agreements, supply chain agreements, subcontracted services, and others; Developing and implementing employee bonus schemes, and employee share schemes (otherwise commonly referred to as ESOPS); Incentivising [read more…]