Technology Lawyers for SMEs

Starting Block Lawyers is a commercial law practice that provides solutions to creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial businesses in Australia.

Our clients

Our services are optimised for small technology businesses. By small business we mean less than 50 employees and up to $10M revenue. If you run a small business, and want lawyers who will make themselves available and be responsive, then please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

Technology and innovation focus

Simon Fifield is the founder and legal practice director of Starting Block Lawyers and has worked with technology businesses for more than 15 years.

Simon is passionate about innovation and became a lawyer after an award winning career as a product designer. Simon was previously responsible for creating intellectual property assets, and delivering innovative solutions. Now as a lawyer Simon’s focus is on commercialising intellectual property and funding innovation and entrepreneurship. Simon’s profile.

How we can help your small business

We solve problems for small business so you can focus on achieving your objectives.

Why our clients like working with us

    1. we take an active interest in our clients’ business and their success
    2. we enjoy working in the technology sector, and helping our clients to get the most out of their ventures
    3. we understand that as a small business you don’t have an endless legal budget

What we don’t do

We are not litigators , if you want to initiate a claim you should be consider a specialist in the relevant area. If you don’t know who to contact, give us a call and we can refer you.

If you need specific tax advice, financial advice, or advice relating to managed investment schemes, you should contact a specialist. If you don’t know who to contact, give us a call and we can refer you.

If you need help with a criminal matter, insurance, property law, family law, or anything that is not related to business, then we cannot assist you.

Latest News

Starting Blocks: Brand Awareness 15 May 2017- A key part of building a business is creating a strong brand. Don’t spend money on graphic design, business names, stationary and other branding activities until you know that you can secure the name and/or logo you want to use. We recommend that you brainstorm and test at least three brands and contact us for [read more...]
Starting Blocks: Get Branded 15 May 2017- A key part of building a business is creating a strong brand. Our Brand Awareness service will provide you with some assurance that a particular trade mark is available for registration. Once you are ready to register a trade mark, our Get Branded service includes the following, and is delivered as a fixed price service. [read more...]
Starting Blocks: Enterprise in a Box 15 May 2017- When starting a business for the first time, there are many factors that you need to consider. The Enterprise in a Box package provides all of the key components of a business so that you can get on with business. Item Inclusions Company Registration Name search Competitor TM Search Formation Documents Company Constitution Registration of [read more...]
Intellectual Property for Start-ups 6 September 2016- Have a limited budget and have questions about securing your intellectual property rights? Simon Fifield provides his top 5 tips on securing intellectual property without spending a dollar on registrations and associated fees.
Investor Relations 12 February 2016- Capital investment can be a great way to fund your venture.  However, taking on investors brings new risks and additional administration requirements. Starting Block Lawyers can provide advice and support services for managing the relationship between the company’s board, and its investors. Some key examples include: Preparing reports against performance requirements for investors; Managing the share register; Public [read more...]